Since 2007, the cost of the subway has increased 45% which is well above the rate of inflation and the increase in wages of New Yorkers. More money spent on the subway just to get to and from work means less money to pay for food and other necessities for working class families. The subway is too expensive.

Many cities in the US offer reduced fares for public transit for low income residents. We will launch a reduced fare metro card program which will save at least 800,000 low income New Yorkers up to $700 a year.

In addition, we will expand the Student MetroCard system to cover all NYC public school students. The Student MetroCard usage will also be expanded to allow students 5 rides per day and the ability to use them on nights and weekends. This will take further strain of working families who cannot afford the $12 it will cost to take two kids to and from a museum or movie.