This morning I gave my first campaign speech in lower Manhattan. I focused on a number of important issues in my speech including:

1. Rolling out a reduced-fare MetroCard system for low income New Yorkers. This program would make 800,000 low income New Yorkers eligible to save approximately $770 a year in transportation costs.

2. Decriminalizing fare evasion. Fare evasions was the most common arrest in New York City in 2015 with 29,000 people arrested and a further 124,000 people receiving summonses. 92% of whom were people of color. Arresting and prosecuting people for being poor not only destroys lives and communities, but it costs the city over $50 million a year in prosecution costs alone.

3. Improving subway reliability. In the last few years, the subway system has become more crowded, more expensive, and less reliable. By providing additional funding to the MTA for dedicated projects like further rollout of CBTC, we can improve reliability, increase capacity, and improve safety.

I also spoke about how I can win. I can with with your help! This campaign is not just about me; it is about everyone who believes that politicians should be looking out for the good of their constituents first. It is about everyone who believes that millennials deserve a voice at the table. It is for everyone who believes that we need bold, creative, nerdy progressives in office to stand against the scourge that is the Trump administration.